VIP tickets and advance sign-up required.

See Events for details.


The basic mission of Drunken Lotus is to combine yoga and the underlying principles with wine and the underlying benefits. Drunken Lotus is about slowing down to breathe and be mindful not only in the practice, but to the wine. It is not meant to replace a serious practice, but instead be an addition to it. Drunken Lotus is for those seeking to enjoy their practice on their own terms, while improving their wine acumen and having a great, chill time with like-minded people.

We welcome yoga devotees, and we welcome those who are new to yoga and want to be introduced to yoga in a non-judgmental, relaxed environment. We also welcome those who do not wish to drink, but want to enjoy the spirit of Drunken Lotus.


Unless indicated, all yoga is All Levels. Yoga style & Teacher may change per event. Mats & small towels are provided. We feature all varieties of wine sourced from around the world. Wines change per event. Check Events for details.


Events are approximately 75-90 minutes. This includes a brief introduction, and a yoga class integrated with a 3 wine tasting. Every 15-20 minutes class will be brought into Child's Pose while wine is served, & then into a seated position for a wine introduction & tasting with Sommelier.


You are encouraged to go at your own pace and remember that your yoga/wine time is exactly that, yours. While we have designed an integrated yoga/wine experience, you are welcome to make it your own. Pull up a mat and sip wine in a comfortable position, or feel free to sip water instead of wine. 


*Timing and positions may change per event


We believe integrating yoga and wine creates a beneficial mindful experience. We base this belief on the underlying health, stress, and psychological benefits of both yoga and moderate wine consumption. And, it’s fun.  


We believe yoga is a practice which, among many other things, can lessen chronic pain, lower blood pressure, reduce insomnia, increase flexibility & muscle tone, improve respiration, maintain metabolism, lower weight, improve cardio and circulatory health, increase clarity, and manage stress.


We believe moderate wine consumption can be relaxing to circulation, raise healthy cholesterol (HDL), help prevent damage to the heart walls, and supply us with antioxidants (Resveratrol). Wine contains Ellagic acid which slows the growth of existing fat cells – boosting metabolism. And, wine releases endorphins in our brains that if associated with exercise can help us equate working out with a positive experience.


We do not advocate heavy drinking during practice - it is wine tasting, not binge drinking. Drunken Lotus makes no medical or scientific claims, and we suggest you do your own research. As always, consult a physician before engaging in any exercise or alcohol consumption. We do suggest plenty of water before, during, and after events.



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The festival features highly curated restaurants & food vendors, unlimited pours of 250+ beverages, a culinary stage, CBD village, and a plant-based marketplace that showcases everything from clothing & artwork to packaged foods & skin care... and Drunken Lotus! 


VIP TICKETS ONLY will offer access to this years Drunken Lotus event. Eat Drink Vegan will email all VIP ticket holders to sign-up for Drunken Lotus in early June. Limited space available, first to sign-up will secure their spots. 


Contact us for details.



If you are interested in having your wine featured, teaching, or brand partnerships please contact us. Make sure to include your credentials if applicable.



All are welcome, we do not discriminate.


No cell phone use during events.


Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before, during and after.


We encourage yoginis to moderate alcohol consumption during yoga.


We suggest using a car service if you are going to drink alcohol.


Suggest comfortable work out/yoga clothes that breathe.


Yoga Events are outside, layer clothing as needed.


We provide mats and small towels.


You are responsible for your belongings, we accept no liability for lost or stolen items.


You will be asked to sign a waiver to participate upon arrival, consult a physician before starting any new form of exercise.


Sign waiver here so we have it on file


10 minute grace period on arrivals. After that your spot may be given away. 


Anyone disruptive, subject to our discretion, will be asked to leave.

Regardless of venue policy, no animals are allowed in event (except legitimate service animals).